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Laura Stopper Batts, MS PAS

Laura Stopper Batts, MS PAS

Horse Rider Yoga– Are you searching for ways to overcome fear, improve your posture in the saddle, and REALLY connect with your horse? Horse Rider Yoga does just that. Yoga and riding have many similarities, this presentation will illustrate how you can apply certain yoga poses to common riding errors and improve a rider’s balance, flexibility, confidence and connection.

Beginner Guide To Chakras– Chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through.  Both you and your horse have chakras.  Chakras are the channels for the flow of Universal energy. This energy flows two ways; inward and out of the body.  Blocked energy in any of the chakras can contribute to pain, illness and influence mood.  This presentation will offer a better understanding of what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.

How To Heal An Equine Ulcer Naturally– It’s estimated that 65% of horses will have a gastric ulcer in their life. In this presentation you will find out common reasons for equine ulcers and ways to heal, treat and prevent them using alternative remedies.

Calm Rider Calm Horse– Horses respond to your emotional and physical cues. They can sense what is happening within you through your energy state which is expressed in your movement, breathing patterns, and posture.  If you are anxious your horse will become the same. In this lecture we will discuss ways you can calm yourself and truly connect with your horse.

Laura Stopper Batts, MS PAS

Checkpoint One

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – What does Mental Health with Horses look like? Learn about Checkpoint One, what they do for first Responders any status Military, and observe an equine assisted mental health session unfold with our pony teammates!

Horse Mindfulness – Sharing space, finding your breath, and getting grounded with your horse. Some simple techniques to help you and your horse. Understand why being grounded and bringing calmness into your mind and body helps and enhances your relationship with your horse.

Assisted Team Building & Equine Experiential Learning – What does team building and exploring learning goals look like with horses? Learn about Checkpoint One, what they do for first Responders any status Military, and observe an equine assisted team building session unfold with our pony teammates!

Kenny Davis-Shokota Equestrian

Kenny Davis-Shokota Equestrian

Demo: CATCH AND RELEASE, not just for Fish’en! How to get your horse to join “your herd” and COME TO YOU with out the chase and race most people put up with before a ride.

 Demo: OPEN FORUM W/ A BROKE & A GREEN BROKE.. Bring your questions about your horse and SEE it worked out on a BROKE horse and what it looks like on a GREEN BROKE horse to try.

 Demo: GROUND WORK GUARANTEE! Ground work and the exercises that guarantee NO MORE BUCKS, WITHOUT HOURS of mindless lunging and adds tools to the “TOOL BOX” of problem fixes.

 Clinic: WHAT IS A GOOD HORSE or a GREAT HORSE, AND WHO’S GOT A SUPERIOR HORSE? How do you set your horse up to GET TO the NEXT LEVEL! And why is it hard to HONESTLY find.

 Demo: TRAILER LOADING; TRUTH, MYTH AND FLAWS. Trailer loading should be easy, SAFE and uneventful, but so often turns in to a crashing nightmare… FIX IT!


El Tesoro Paso Fino Farm

El Tesoro Paso Fino Farm is a family owned horse business conveniently located in Bruington, VA on route 360. Luis Figueroa and his family have lived on their horse farm in the area for 4 years and enjoy sharing the Paso Fino horse breed with those seeking to have a fun trail ride or experience the competition environment. The Paso Fino Horse is known for its smooth 4 beat gate it naturally performs and the beauty it carries with every stride without having a bounce or broken gait making it known as the “smoothest horse in the world.” Luis has trained the Paso Fino Horse for 25 years making him one of the top trainers, Trainer of the Year, assistant coach for Team USA and winning him countless ribbons nationally and regionally. Luis and his family welcome you to come and enjoy the Paso Fino Horse at their farm and here at the fair as well, come and watch them in action performing their beautiful natural gait and even witness a fun game of horse soccer as these horses are calm and easy to ride in any environment and love to have fun with these activities. Trail rides, clinics, lessons, boarding, training and events are also services offered at El Tesoro Paso Fino Farm. Find us on Facebook as El Tesoro Paso Fino Farm, email us at or call at 540-937-0537. Come and enjoy the smoothest horse in the world! 

The Draft Horse Educational Foundation

The Draft Horse Educational Foundation

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose goal is to offer educational programs and clinics specifically for youth, individuals, organizations, and professionals interested in the preservation of draft horse breeds; their uses, their equipment, and heritage. To promote, including sponsoring events dedicated exclusively to draft horses, whether clinics, conformation shows, pulls, fairs, or other events.

Sonny Garguilo

Sonny Garguilo

PONY EXPRESS:  Using the handy snub to safely communicate with the troubled horse.                                               

WANT GOOD MANNERS? HAVE GOOD MANNERS!:  Understanding how to create the respectful horse and human relationship   

WHEN A GOOD HORSE GOES BAD, AND WHY?:  Recognizing and fixing of when a god horse goes bad and why!   

DEVELOP THE HORSE YOU REALLY WANT:  Understanding that the human is the sole creator of the horse the ride!               

EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES:  Overcoming excuses from fear!                                                                   

ONE CIRCLE AT A TIME!:  Using circles to develop balance, speed control and lateral movements!



Dr. Stacy Gravelle with Four Seasons Equine Veterinary Service

Dr. Stacy Gravelle with Four Seasons Equine Veterinary Service

Chiropractic Demo:

Integrative medicine has always been a passion of hers, so that is why she became certified in equine acupuncture and spinal manipulation (chiropractic) from the Chi Institute.  She will be demonstrating her spinal manipulation techniques at the Virginia Horse Festival this year.

Brock Griffith

Brock & Leisha Griffith

Barrel racing /Performance Clinic

Riding with Confidence:  Learning How to Regain Confidence

What to Look for in Your Horses Foundation and Problem Solving 

Rope Training, Preparing Your Horse for Ranch Work 

How to Deal With Too Much Go and Not Enough Whoa 

Proper Use of Tools and Training Equipment 

JTO Horsemanship

JTO Horsemanship

Versatility Trail Challenge

To be held at the 2019 Virginia Horse Festival. There will be 2 qualifying days with the finals held on Sunday. See registration form for dates, times and entry fees. Top ten scores from the qualifying rounds will advance to the finals. All disciplines and breeds are welcomed.



JTO Horsemanship

Bethany Larson

Topline Dressage

Dressage Clinic:  See registration form and release

 Dressage Demo: Instructor will talk through one of her rides and school various movements. “I would inform the audience what I’m looking for, what I’m seeing/feeling, exercises to improve it, and then show the improved movement. I will be talking through what I’m doing and why. I will be stating what is good and why and that wasn’t good and why. Basically I will be bringing the audience into my mind as a trainer.”

Michael Lyons

Michael Lyons

Michael made the decision to dedicate his life to learning the ways of horsemanship after working and seeing the impact his family made on the equine industry. Since leaving home and moving to Tennessee, Michael has spent many hours in training with his father, John Lyons, and brother, Josh Lyons, so that he could be in a position to help others reach their horsemanship goals. Michael is also an Equine Massage Practitioner and enjoys incorporating equine massage into his training program. With a solid foundation under his belt, Michael now resides in North Carolina with his wife Julia Lyons training horses and their owners locally, as well as traveling to other locations nationwide. Him and his wife have a big year set up for 2017 where they will officially be hitting the road teaching clinics, private lessons, and programs full time. Michael’s father, John Lyons “America’s Most Trusted Horseman,” has proven himself in the training industry for many years and is passing his legacy onto the future generations through his children and other certified John & Josh Lyons Certified Trainers. Michael is also ranked one of the Top 10 Trainers in NC.

Michael Lyons

Roey Mobley

Roey Mobley, a trusted Tennessee Walking Horse trainer from North Carolina, will be giving a gaited clinic throughout the weekend. Specializing in natural training for Tennessee Walking Horses and similar breeds, Roey has focused her business on attending horse shows in the southeast. Always one to encourage competing in horse shows —she primarily competes in gaited dressage, versatility and rail classes. With over 25 years of gaited horse experience, Roey is looking forward to helping her participants find their horse’s best gait through natural methods. She will focus on proper balance of horse and rider, quality of gaits and properly fitting tack. Festival attendees are encouraged to ask questions throughout the weekend.

Dr. Stacy Gravelle with Four Seasons Equine Veterinary Service

Steve Meadows

Ranch Horse 101

Come learn about the fastest growing discipline taking the stock horse breeds by storm! The Ranch events are fun, challenging, very horse and rider friendly. Steve Meadows will be explaining the ins and outs of all of the classes offered in Ranch Versatility.

Virginia Region Pony Clubs

Pacific Farms

Learn more about the presenters.

Friday, May 3rd: Two 1.5 hour clinics.

“ Position matters.” 

This clinic focuses on correct rider position to best communicate with your horse, increasing safety and enjoyment and easing common frustrations. All horses are provided, so the focus remains on the rider. In each clinic, participants will be divided into groups A and B. Group A will begin unmounted, with Clare Mansmann, to isolate and simplify our independent aids, using balance balls and mats on the ground. Group B will begin mounted with Tom Mansmann and Amanda Cousins. After 40 min, the groups will switch! This is a fun and informative clinic for all levels, ages, and abilities!

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Saturday, May 4th

“ Re-careering the Retired Racehorse”

Join Pacific Farms and Ashland Equestrian as they highlight a selection of horses training for the 2019 Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover, and demonstrate their techniques for transitioning horses from the racetrack to the arena and beyond!


Tom and Clare Mansmann, of Pacific Farms Incorporated in Middleburg, VA, have competed through the Advanced and CCI 3* levels of Eventing. They retain a strong background in Dressage, as well as competitive experience across disciplines, including Cutting and Ranch Riding. Their farm focuses on correct fundamentals for horse and rider, offering training and lessons for both.
Amanda Cousins, of Ashland Equestrian, LLC in Warrenton, VA, has a strong background in Hunters and Jumpers, but trains across disciplines as a well-rounded coach and rider. She has managed several barns on the east coast, as well as coached riding teams in many leagues and championships. She is now the head coach and manager in Warrenton, offering training, lessons, and board.
Pacific Farms and Ashland Equestrian joined forces after meeting through the Retired Racehorse Project. Their combined love for horsemanship and correct riding, the Thoroughbred horse, and their faith in Christ has inspired a collaborative effort to help riders grow effective and positive communication with their horses in their Position Matters Clinic Series.

Abby Sage, VMD, DACVIM

Dr. Abby Sage is a veterinarian in the Office of Veterinary Services with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. She heads the Animal Import Export Service, coordinates the Contagious Equine Metritis Quarantine Program for Imported Horses and is a subject matter expert in equine health. Prior to her current position she has been in veterinary private practice, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine and a professor and section head at the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine.

Virginia Region Pony Clubs

Virginia Region Pony Clubs

The Virginia Region of the United States Pony Clubs consists of 10 local Pony Clubs and 2 Riding Centers. We have over 250 members from as far north as Arlington, west into West Virginia, and south to Richmond. Our members participate in all of the pony club disciplines: Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Quiz (knowledge), Tetrathlon, Mounted Games, Polocross and Hunt Seat Equitation. The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. develops character, leadership, confidence and a sense of community through a program that teaches the care of horses and ponies, riding and mounted sports.

Retired Racehorse Project

Susan Williamson

Story Telling For The Kids: The Pony with a Pink Tail

In this interactive story time presentation, hear about Buttons and the vitamins, (how a POA became a steeplechaser), Buttons and the bully and Buttons in his happy place. And he really did have a pink tail!

How To Buy Your First Horse, How To Make An Informed Choice:

In this presentation you will learn if, when, and how to buy your first horse. A bad first experience can ruin any future enjoyment of horses and create a lifelong fear. Buying the right horse is magical.

How To Choose A Riding Instructor:

In this presentation you will learn some of the choices—indoor vs outdoor, western vs hunt seat vs dressage vs saddle seat, group vs individual and many more. You will learn how to recognize a safe and well managed facility, a good instructor and a well-structured program.