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Ride in Clinics and Competitions

See below for opportunities to bring your horse and participate at the Virginia Horse Festival.


Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona – Ron McLoughlin

Clinic Topics:
Day 1. Developing a good seat, the requirement to good riding.
Day 2. Developing lateral control on your horse.
Day 3. Developing good transitions and stops.
Price: $100.00 per rider clinic session
-10.00 off for attending 2 clinic sessions, $180.00 total.
-20.00 off for attending all three clinic sessions, $240.00 total.

Sign up ASAP. Limited number of riders.

Click here to register and pay.

Or mail check to:
P.O. Box 599
Pearce, AZ 85625

Our Contact Information:
Office 520-384-3889
Cell 520-507-0213 (Lisa McLoughlin)

Central Virginia Horse Rescue – Arena Obstacle Course Challenge

  • At least 8 obstacles of varying difficulties
  • The ability to choose your difficulty at each obstacle
  • Ribbons and points awarded
  • Honorable mentions and constructive criticism given
  • Riders of all ages, skill levels, and disciplines are welcomed; all horses welcomed
  • Multiple horse & rider combinations (with approval from coordinator)
  • Obstacles are not timed (although attempts will be limited based on the numbers of teams going through the course and amount of time available)
  • Fun, educational, and non-stressful event that encourages riders to improve horsemanship, bonding with their horse, quiet communication, and skill
  • Horses do not need shoes
  • Helmets and proper footwear are required
  • Negative Coggins Certificate required
  • Stalls and trailer parking available through the venue
  • Admission to Virginia Horse Festival is not included
  • Visit the CVHR and ETS booths in the main pavilion

Click here to learn more about ETS and to register for this Obstacle Course Challenge.

Cornerstone Horsemanship Performance Trail Challenge and Clinic

The Cornerstone Horsemanship Performance Trail Challenge is a special event consisting of maneuvers and obstacles potentially encountered on the trail. The Performance Trail Challenge is intended to reflect the versatility, attitude and movement of a working horse in the task of performing a designated pattern. The Performance Trail Challenge will test the horse and rider’s partnership and abilities while engaging obstacles and performing required maneuvers.

Contestants will use their judgment on how best to complete the obstacles and the overall course in order to finish the Challenge within the 5 minute time limit. However, the judging is based on precision, not speed. An uncompleted course will not disqualify the horse/rider team, but all obstacles and maneuvers must be attempted. The main objective of the Performance Trail Challenge is to display the horse’s ability to work at a forward working speed, completing the course with accuracy, ease, smoothness, responsiveness, and control.

There will be 2 preliminary rounds for contestants to choose from (Friday afternoon or Saturday morning), with the top ten returning for the finals on Sunday afternoon. Entries are limited, and must pre-register. Use this form to sign up now!

Ranch Roping Clinic

Sunday, March 26, 3 pm

Ranch Roping- Instruction on planning, technique, and positioning for more consistent catches, using the Hot Heels roping machine. Limited to 4 participants. $40 Participation fee. Must preregister. E-mail us for sign up info.

Sonya Crampton

Saturday, March 25, 1 – 1:50 pm & 3 – 4:30 pm

Sunday, March 26, 2 – 3:30 pm

Learn exercises for right before a show and in the warm up to prepare for course work. Break down the mechanics of riding a course and build towards a winning round. Each of the three sessions will build off the previous one. Open to both Hunter and Jumpers.

Open to 4 – 6 riders. All riders must be able to jump a 2’6″ course. Email if interested.                                                                   Deadline to register: March 17, 2017.


Nicole Carswell Tolle

Friday, March 24, 11 am
Smooth Gaiting: What it Means, How To Achieve It, and How To Maintain It

Saturday, March 25, 1 pm
How to Improve Your Gaited Horse: Training equipment, techniques and workouts which will improve your horse’s gait.

Sunday, March 26, 10 am
Problem Solving for the Gaited Horse and Rider Team: Individual Instruction For Horse And Rider Teams Seeking Help on How To Improve Anyone interested in participating in this clinic will pay a $50 fee on site at the beginning of the clinic to Nicole’s staff.
If interested in the opportunities above, Facebook message Nicole, email or call Nicole at 719-553-7283. All clinics limited to 4 riders. Gaited horses only – all levels and breeds welcome.

Steuart Pittman – Retired Racehorse Project

SundaRetired Racehorse Project Steuart Pittmany, March 26, 1 pm

Gymnastic Jumping:

  • Each rider will start with a specific goal for improving their ability to jump a course. The gymnastic line will address their issues. The course beyond the line will test whether they succeeded.

To sign up for this clinic please email Kirsten at:




Stephen Bradley

Saturday, March 25

11:00 am – 12:30 pm: Gridwork to Improve Skills

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm: Putting Fences Together


To sign up for either clinic please contact Kathy White at




Hillary Stark – Stark Performance Horses

Intro to Western Dressage:

  • We will introduce Western Dressage; where it came from, the gaits that are used, the tack and movements required. During this clinic it will also be discussed how western dressage is the building blocks to multiple disciplines.

What’s the difference?

  • There are a lot of misconceptions as to what the difference is between traditional dressage and Western Dressage, Western Dressage and Western pleasure. During the clinic we will cover the differences between these disciplines and will show how one can benefit from the other.

To sign up for either clinic please email Hillary at:


Kenny Davis – Shokota Horsemanship

Friday, March 24, 11 am – 12 pm

Timing Feeling and Balance:

• What is Timing, Feeling and Balance and why does he say “timing, feeling and balance SQUARED”?

To sign up for the clinic, please email Sue at: