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Austin Anderson

Austin Anderson started his career performing with his family as part of their show “The Texas White Horse Troupe.” Austin’s parents, Don and Jo-Ann Anderson, founded The Texas White Horse Troup in 1963. They performed at many venues such as rodeos, Wild West shows, state fairs, expos, and circuses. Eventually, Austin went out on his own and continued to present quality acts at shows and events around the USA and Canada. His abilities as an all-around horseman soon led to work in TV and film not only as a stuntman but also providing cast and stunt horses. Austin and his father continue to find enjoyment doing this type of work together.

Austin enjoys the shows and performing most, and chooses a select group of riders to perform with him at shows. When not on the road performing, Austin works at the family ranch. Training horses and with selected interns, he coaches the competitive trick riders on his team  in what he calls the Competitive Edge trick riding program geared toward preparing a rider for competition. Much emphasis is placed on fundamentals.

In his spare time, he has enjoyed other equine related activities such as team roping, extreme cowboy challenges, hunting, trick training horses and film work whenever the opportunity presents itself. Austin is a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and the Screen Actors Guild.


Laura Stopper Batts: Horse HippieLaura Stopper Batts, MS PAS

Laura is the founder of Horse Hippie and The Equine Nutrition Nerd, companies with a focus on the ultimate health of the rider, the horse and our planet. She lives a holistic, natural lifestyle and teaches others to do this with their horses through nutrition and care, and for themselves through meditation and yoga. Combining her lifestyle with her interest in the environment she obtained a Master’s of Environmental Science with a focus on the equine sector. As the Horse Hippie, she helps horse owners use eco-friendly practices in their horse and farm care through her blog, Eco-Equine.





Clinton Anderson Method Ambassador Emily Hunter

Emily became a Certified Clinton Anderson Method Ambassador after graduating from the Academy Program at Clinton’s Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in the spring of 2017. After completing the Academy, she was given the opportunity to stay at the Ranch and continue her education of The Method, training multiple horses a day and getting personal instruction from Clinton. She is now located in Spotsylvania Virginia, where she takes in training horses and teaches small clinics and private lessons.




Cornerstone Horsemanship – Charles and Michele Pellham

Specializing in starting horses under saddle, ranch versatility, ranch riding & ranch pleasure, trail challenge, and stock horses. Offering monthly training, lessons, clinics, and showing. Multiple time AQHA World Show Qualifiers. Multiple ARHA World and Reserve World Championships.



Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association

1st Virginia CMSA is celebrating its 10th anniversary as Virginia’s club for Cowboy Mounted Shooting, the fastest growing equine sport in the nation!

Mounted shooters ride one of 60+ courses of fire while shooting five balloons of one color, changing guns and shooting five remaining balloons. This is a timed sport with penalties for missing balloons, knocking over barrels, and failure to follow the course of fire. Shooters are also assessed penalties for failure to follow the dress code of western attire either traditional or in the old time style of the late 1800’s.


Kenny Davis

Kenny Davis has been teaching horsemanship, and starting, working and training horses and their riders for more than 10 years. He is unique in that he teaches from a variety of disciplines – from Western pleasure to English equitation. He also believes in the significance of training horses and riders together, rather than separately. Influenced by master horsemen Ray Hunt and John Lyons, Kenny holds monthly clinics at Shokota’ Equestrian in Powhatan County on topics such as despooking, tools in the toolbox and more.



The Draft Horse Educational Foundation

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose goal is to offer educational programs and clinics specifically for youth, individuals, organizations, and professionals interested in the preservation of draft horse breeds; their uses, their equipment, and heritage. To promote, including sponsoring events dedicated exclusively to draft horses, whether clinics, conformation shows, pulls, fairs, or other events.




Sonny Garguilo

Sonny Garguilo

Sonny Garguilo is known for his unshaken patience with horses,. He travels the country working with horse and owners to understand better the horse human relationship. Sonny has not only had thousands of interactions with troubled horses but has worked extensively with the human to build a bridge between the two.  Sonny has been a competitor in three separate Extreme Mustang Challenges placing 2nd and 4th and winning the trail class in 2012. In 2016 Sonny Garguilo represented the USA in a colt starting challenge in BC Canada, starting a colt in less than 3 hours and riding him through an obstacle course. Sonny also was  the host of hos radio show “Horsin Around Naturally” and is the author of his best seller “SONNYIMS The horse lovers guide to common sense”


Brock Griffith

Brock Griffith has extensive experience in the horse industry. He has won six colt starting competitions since 2008 and has successfully helped many horse and riders achieve their dreams of better communication. Fifteen years ago Brock traded a bull riding career to pursue his dream of working with horses and now concentrates on natural horsemanship. His philosophy is that communication, not domination, develop a well-trained horse.





JTO Horsemanship

The team is Jackie Turnbull, Trent Rhea and Odell Grose, a team of 3 professional clinicians dedicated to sharing their love and knowledge of horses and horsemanship. They offer a positive and encouraging approach to training, as well as building the confidence you need to open the lines of communication between you and your horse.








Did you know that there are key techniques and tools that you can apply today to reduce your risk of injury?

Introducing LandSafe – a revolutionary new training program designed to teach the best practices of fall prevention and response. Join the sport’s top equestrian safety experts Danny and Keli Warrington for this life-changing opportunity to learn and apply key fall safety techniques for using a one-of-a-kind proprietary fall simulator.


Steve Meadows

Steve Meadows is a fourth generation horseman that’s been a professional horseman for over
25 years. For the last 5 years, Steve has been specializing in the Ranch events in AQHA. He is a
multiple AQHA World Champion, AQHA Hi Point Champion, and All American Quarter Horse Congress
Champion most recently placing 1st and 2nd there in the Senior Ranch Riding out of 83 entries.
Steve has done clinics throughout the US and Internationally including the official Ranch Riding
demo at the 2017 Congress and will be doing the Ranch Riding Clinic at the 2018 AQHYA Youth World
Cup in Texas in July. Steve is from Staunton, Va. where he and his wife Becky own and operate
Meadows Quarter Horses. They specialize in AQHA Ranch events and quality Hunters. Steve has been an
AQHA judge for over 15 years judging such prestigious shows as the AQHYA World Championships, the
All American Quarter Horse Congress, the Australian National Championships, and the New Zealand
National Championships. Steve is currently serving as National director representing Virginia At
the American Quarter Horse


Mounted Games Across America – MGAA

We are a 501c3, non-profit organization that promotes equestrian mounted games in the USA.  We offer regional, national and international opportunities for riders of all ages, levels, and from different backgrounds.  Equestrian Mounted Games is played in at least 24 different countries.  It is truly a sport, where athleticism, horsemanship, and teamwork are what define the winners. Riders are sorted into teams, with four riders and four ponies taking part in each race.  A competition consists of teams, riding head to head through approximately 10 races in a session.  Teams are arranged in lanes, relay race style, with a start/finish line, and often “handoff” a flag, batton, or other object to signify the next rider’s portion of the race.  The first team to successfully complete a race receives the highest amount of points.  Races may require riders to dismount, collect an object and remount.  Other races may require riders to collect something from the top of a barrel, cone or pole, drop something into a bucket, weave through poles, pop a balloon, or “joust” down a target.  Some riders perform these skills at a walk or trot, aided or unaided, while the highest level performs these skills at a full gallop, athletically vaulting on and off their pony without checking up.  Possibly one of the most exciting spectator equestrian sports, cheering loudly is encouraged!


Retired Racehorse Project

Retired Racehorse Training Project was formed in 2010 by a small group of friends and me who felt strongly that Thoroughbred ex-racehorses were in need of advocates and educators in the sport and recreation riding world. We had conducted the Retired Racehorse Training Symposium in 2009 and were overwhelmed by the attendance and demand for more, both by nonprofit placement organizations and individuals who work to transition these horses to second careers.

The work is paying off. The army of good people providing these horses with the educations they need after racing is growing, and the value of an off-track Thoroughbred is rising. The 2 million horse owners in America are learning about the trainability and talent of these horses, and the 150,000 OTTB owners now have a vehicle through which they can promote what they love.


Abby Sage, VMD, DACVIM

Dr. Abby Sage is a veterinarian in the Office of Veterinary Services with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. She heads the Animal Import Export Service, coordinates the Contagious Equine Metritis Quarantine Program for Imported Horses and is a subject matter expert in equine health. Prior to her current position she has been in veterinary private practice, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine and a professor and section head at the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine.


Walk N Style LLC – Nicole Tolle

Nicole Carswell Tolle has been a professional in the Tennessee Walking Horse industry for 27 years, and has trained numerous International and World Champions. She currently resides in Fountain, Colorado with her husband Tracy, where they farm 900 acres of hay and raise Tennessee Walking Horses.

Nicole’s passion is training the Tennessee Walking Horse and teaching the art of riding and how rider effectiveness applies to horse training. She is a strong advocate for youth as they are the foundation of tomorrow. She also strongly encourages adult riders to achieve their greatest potential regardless of age.